Good management serves the needs of a project – not the other way around

Creating games is, without doubt, a form of art. However, games are also projects of tremendous size that need intensive research, interdisciplinary skills and a bulk of working hours before completion. Many games never make it to gold master and even if they do, the chances of financial success are grim.

A failed development is always the result of bad management, while bad marketing is directly responsible for lacking sales. Unfortunately, being responsible and capable are two different things and managing games depends on a lot more than business economics.

It is my oppinion, that game management is in itself a form of art, requiring research, skill and effort to master. It is as vital to a games success as it is underrated, which is why I chose it as my profession.

My expertise lies in:

  • Producing & team management
  • Project planning & scheduling
  • Monitoring & change management
  • Marketing analysis & projection
  • Individual team coaching